Incat Crowther is pleased to announce the delivery of Shadow Cat HODOR.

HODOR is the first in the ShadowCat range which brings Incat Crowther catamaran capability to the yacht industry. The platform offers incredible amounts of deck and storage space, flexibility, stability, efficiency and capability. The design offers a stable platform for the safe transfer of guests from helicopter to the mothership, via tenders.

Design and naval architecture was by Incat Crowther, project management and technical consultation by Robert Smith of YCTS and construction by Astilleros Armón at their Burela shipyard in Spain.

HODOR has been completely customized to carry the specific equipment and supplies to support and enhance the owner’s mothership capabilities. The design uses the robust engineering of hulls proven in offshore platform service, such as the SEACOR CREWzer class and Incat Crowther 70m Fast Crew Boat (FCB) class.

The hull incorporates a reverse bow, a deadweight capacity of 240t and a low propeller draft of 3.1m.

The platform accommodates an astounding number of toys, facilities and personnel. This includes five tenders (the largest being 56’ / 17 metres in size), jet skis, quad bikes, a submarine garage, a helipad, a large complement of crew, staff and support equipment.

The tenders and submarine are flexibly located and can be launched from the upper and main decks; the upper deck via the two large knuckle boom cranes, on the main deck via twin beam cranes and the main feature of the vessel; the aft lifting platform for the 56-foot chase boat. A portable davit on the fore deck facilitates the launch and recovery of the vessels ROV and can also be used for additional jet ski storage.

The helipad is a fully-certified and CAP437 compliant for helicopters of 6t and up to D-value of 16m including the Eurocopter EC145. A large reception room, finished to a yacht standard, sits forward of the helipad, allowing guests to be transferred in comfort between helicopters and tenders.

The port hull shell door, provided for guest access is finished to a yacht standard and directly connected to the guest lounge via a guest staircase. The starboard hull shell door is reserved for crew operations. There is also water access via two stern platforms, should weather conditions require stern boarding.

Dive equipment is fully integrated with compressors, NITROX and O2 facilities, as well as a hospital with decompression chamber.

Specialized spaces are dedicated for fresh and frozen food storage, additional storage for the mother vessel, waste treatment and general and spares stores.

Propulsion is provided by two main engines, giving a max speed of 22.5 knots, or long-range cruising at 14 knots up to 5500nm. The catamaran platform allows fuel savings of around 40%, affording the full vessel range with only 160,000 litres of diesel fuel. The vessel’s tankage supplies toys and vehicles with jet fuel, petrol and diesel from dedicated bunker stations.

A complement of 20 crew and staff are comfortably accommodated in a mix of double and twin ILO-compliant staterooms, each with ensuite bathrooms.

The wheelhouse is situated with excellent visibility. Access to electronics systems is simplified with incorporation of a walk-around main helm console and a dedicated MEC.

Fitted with an exhaust cleaning SCR system for IMO Tier 3 and EPA Tier 4 compliance, greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced, allowing the Incat Crowther 66 design to be more environmentally friendly.

The inherent stability of the catamaran does not require gyro or roll stabilizers whilst at rest. When underway, the vessel pitching motions are reduced by twin Humphree active interceptors on the stern.

A twin anchoring system is provided, which, combined with the widely spaced twin hulls, provides reduced motions whilst at anchor.

Patton Marine have inspected the vessel, and marine surveyor Tom Corness explains, “the quality of workmanship is exceptionally good for this commercial standard of vessel – it blends commercial and yacht standards perfectly to perform yacht support tasks”.

Incat Crowther, together with YCTS Ltd, is offering a new range of Shadow Cats that are set to bring a new level of capability to yacht owners and operators, with unparalleled support vessel capacity, stability and flexibility. The design is fully customizable to suit each owner’s requirements, including further features, such as a helicopter hangar, available on request.