Operational profiles are studied to validate the project and set mission parameters.  Factors can include timetabling, berthing, regulatory structure, energy source, prevailing conditions, and even route viability.  A large amount of information is distilled into a concise set of parameters to drive vessel efficiencies and procurement. Incat Crowther's experience with a diverse range of operations allows us to actively contribute to the development of the optimum vessel for the operation, contributing to lower costs, increased market share and increased yields.


This is the development of the vessel concept including the general arrangement, vessel appearance, and major technical definitions through an iterative process or ‘Design Spiral’. This stage of the process can be useful to communicate the project to stakeholders and allows the freedom to develop the concept design within the set parameters, which in turn increases the accuracy and efficiency of the subsequent design stages.


This stage of the process comprises a comprehensive list of design deliverables from which a vessel can be certified by class or local regulatory authorities. The Functional Design can include:

  • Naval Architecture and hull design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Design
  • Stability calculations
  • Systems Schematics
  • Primary CNC cutting data
  • Class submittals and approvals

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