Incat Crowther is a team of engineers and innovators who provide design, build and consulting services for specialist ships.


Incat Crowther’s team provides operationally-led solutions. We will work with you to realise your specific requirements as reality. We’re here to help you achieve optimum results and add value to your business.


Incat Crowther is an innovator with agility, proposing solutions that meet your needs. As explorers of new frontiers, we use Digital Shipbuilding to deliver custom ships and offer great value using our design and build process.


As a Digital Shipbuilder, Incat Crowther has the versatility to propose multiple design and construction solutions leading toward an operator-driven optimum solution. We ensure that our clients are not influenced towards a specific product or solution that may suit a designer or builder, but not favour the operation.

We have a wealth of commercial experience, delivering custom ships from partner shipyards in many parts of the world, at high quality, good value and low risk.

We have a long track record allowing us to objectively propose the optimal hull form and construction material for the operation. We have experience in emerging technologies and keep abreast of new developments.

Our range of services is offered in a flexible manner, allowing our clients to develop a concept, undertake a route study, support a tender or RFP, build a complete 3D digital ship and verify manufacture to quality standards. We offer through-life support for all new ships and technical services for existing ships on a consultancy basis.