Incat Crowther’s procurement process combines innovative design capability with commercial expertise, Digital Shipbuilding and a Quality Management System to procure a ship within our global network of affiliated shipyards.

Incat Crowther’s experienced senior management is with you every step of the way, and few people have assisted in the purchase of as many commercial ships as we have. Incat Crowther acts independently and in the best interest of the project objectives.

The outcome of our process is a best-value shipbuilding solution, focused on your specific operational requirements, and optimised for lowest through life cost / maximum return.

Consider Incat Crowther as the best-value shipbuilding solution for your next purchase.


Production engineering forms the foundation of a Digital Ship and describes the vessel and its components in a smart 3D model which drives the manufacturing process, construction efficiency, and repeatability. The production design includes:

  • 3D Structure
  • SD Systems
  • Cutting Data for all components
  • Cut Lists and Material Take-Offs
  • Pipe Spools
  • Component Data
  • 3D fly-through visualisation
  • Space management
  • Interference checking
  • Access management
  • Component database

In the case of procurement of multiple vessels, once the Digital Ship is developed it allows manufacturing at multiple locations for additional capacity or flexibility. The ship owner is able to define the Digital Ship and be in control of the vessel outcome.


Incat Crowther is experienced in negotiating international shipbuilding contracts. With an understanding of the conditions needed to protect our client, we complement your legal team with the detail of specifications, definition of performance requirements, requirements for international bonding and guarantees, currency hedging and contractual obligations. Incat Crowther is skilled at negotiating mutually agreeable contracts that protect our clients whilst offering the shipyard a fair outcome.


Incat Crowther’s Digital Ship provides all the information to confidently procure all material and equipment.

Incat Crowther can assist clients in the procurement of materials and components, as well as supplying full knockdown kits. These comprise pre-cut aluminium parts, structural components, machinery, fitout and electrical components.


Using the Digital Ship model as the foundation of a thorough parts database, all materials and components are identified and tracked throughout their lifecycle from pre-purchase through fabrication, installation, quality management, in-service operation, maintenance, and disposal.


Incat Crowther Quality Management System (QMS) is a sustainable model for building and overseeing the construction of operationally optimised vessels at one of our trusted shipyard partners. Incat Crowther’s QMS has a track record of delivering first-world quality, on time and on budget.

Incat Crowther QMS personnel are experienced professional engineers with a deep understanding of the shipbuilding industry. They operate within a process-driven, outcome-focused, client-centric culture. Key QMS staff are located both within our offices and on-site, and manage the project from inception through delivery.

The process is unified with the Digital Ship model, with components tracked from the parts database. A comprehensive and transparent reporting package is provided, and a dedicated QMS project manager is in regular correspondence with the owner throughout the project. Incat Crowther’s QMS complements the statutory approvals process of Class and Flag, with its focus on delivering the optimum solution in terms of quality, value and operability.  An Incat Crowther QMS ship is the best value and most profitable throughout its service life.


With the experience of sea trials of hundreds of vessels, Incat Crowther can help plan the commissioning process, identify and avoid challenges and delays usually associated with commissioning, and quickly troubleshoot problems if they arise. Incat Crowther can validate and verify performance against contact conditions and benchmarks.

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