As time passes and technology continues to move on, this can create pressure to adapt to a changing environment. Incat Crowther offers our full range of experience throughout the ship life-cycle to allow operations to continue into the future in an efficient and profitable manner.

For ships procured under the Digital Shipbuilding process, the Digital Twin streamlines maintenance by using the parts database and assembly details. The Digital Twin can also be used as the basis upgrades or future vessels based on operational experience.


With a wealth of tried and proven hull forms and highly skilled, experienced staff, Incat Crowther can provide naval architecture services on a discrete basis including hull design/optimisation, stability calculations, tank programmes, CFD and other naval architectural services.


Unresolved regulatory issues can be an operational headache. Incat Crowther has relationships and experience with most major classification societies and many flag states, and can assist with regulatory compliance from simple submissions through to presentation of an equivalent safety case argument for complex matters. There are few regulatory matters Incat Crowther cannot resolve.


As engineers and innovators, Incat Crowther is constantly in pursuit of new ideas to develop and new frontiers to cross, avoiding overstepping the mark to the bleeding edge. Incat Crowther is an ideal partner for the inspiration and development of new solutions for difficult missions.

Your Vision, Our Innovation.

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