Incat Crowther and YCTS, Ltd, the team that delivered ShadowCat’s Hodor and Wayfinderand the exciting ToyBox and Haven concepts, has released a new concept using a monohull platform, the ShadowYacht named Nerve Centre.

Nerve Centre is a 69m monohull ShadowYacht that expands on the ShadowCat range. It is designed to meet the individual preferences of specific owners. It maintains the core ShadowCat features suitable to operate in support of a mothership, being a high speed over 20 knots with aluminium construction.  The package is suitably sized to carry tenders, equipment, crew and a helicopter; being ideally suited as the operational centre of recreation.  Each ship is completely bespoke with ultimate flexibility to suit the owner's mission.

As with the ShadowCat platform, the ShadowYacht uses a specifically developed hull form to meet the mission parameters. The ShadowYacht hull form is a round bilge displacement hull form capable of high speeds, and is designed specifically to work with 2 x Naiad Dynamics AtRest fin stabilisers. During the hull development, multiple hull forms were investigated, including a deep-vee planning monohull derived from Incat Crowther’s proven crew boat platforms. The ShadowYacht hull form was selected considering significant benefits, including only requiring two fins instead of four to achieve benchmarked standards of motion stabilisation and performance.

Nerve Centre features two decks of toy storage and deployment, in addition to a stern beach club. The main deck features an open-sided midship deck capable of accomodating tenders of 10m in length. Fwd of this is a submarine garage, whilst an automobile garage is located aft. Both of these spaces are linked to the open-sided deck via large roller-doors, with the submarine and other equipment moved by air casters. Deployment and retrieval are handled by overhead gantry cranes.

Also aft of this space is a helicopter hangar with integrated workshop. The helicopter hangar features a lifting platform to elevate the helicopter to the open upper deck, integrated into a 13m helipad which is fully-certified and CAP437 compliant.

Amidships on the upper deck is 170 sqm of open space for additional tenders and toys with a large deck crane for deployment.

Nerve Centre accommodates a total of 25 crew and 4 staff in a mix of twin and single cabins. Large galley and mess facilities are provided on the upper deck, whilst the bridge deck accommodates the captain alongside the wheelhouse and his private office. An additional ship’s office is provided on this deck.

Ample service and storage spaces are provided below decks, including commercial laundry, dry stores and refrigeration spaces. State of the art waste management facilities are also provided, along with a gymnasium for crew. Long-range tankage is fitted, as well as A1 jet fuel and gasoline for helicopters and toys.

The vessel will be powered by triple MTU 16V4000 main engines, developing 2832kW. Driven by controllable-pitch propellers, Nerve Centre will be capable of a top speed of 22 knots and will cruise efficiently up to 21 knots.

As with all ShadowCat products, the ShadowYacht Nerve Centre offers tremendous potential to be customised to the client’s specific mission.