Incat Crowther is pleased to announce the delivery of D6 to Explore Group NZ, built by Aluminium Marine in Queensland. Construction of the 26m vessel commenced as a spec build before quickly being earmarked by the operator as a potential vessel for their Dolphin Discoveries operations.

A close collaboration between designer and builder allowed the vessel’s design to be modified to suit Explore Group’s requirements with minimal impact to budget and schedule. The vessel was re-configured to include a sundeck, the seating layout was finalized and Explore Group’s trademark yellow paint was specified.

D6’s main deck features seating for 116 passengers and a large bar/kiosk. In addition, provision is made for wheelchair spaces. The cabin is light and airy, with large side and forward windows offering excellent visibility. Three toilets are located on the aft deck, one of which is handicap-accessible.

The upper deck features interior seats for 52 passengers, exterior seats for 31 passengers and an additional toilet. The passenger cabin features a forward door, allowing passengers to circulate via stairs to the foredeck.

As well as direct access from both decks, the foredeck is large and features additional handrails to cater for a large number of sightseers.

D6 features a sundeck with seats for 40 passengers.

Powered by a pair of Yanmar 6AYM-WGT main engines, each producing 670kW @ 1938rpm. The vessel has a service speed of 25 knots and achieved a top speed of 28 knots on recent sea trials.

D6 demonstrates Incat Crowther’s ability to service shipyards requirements, as well as the versatility of the vessels.