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35m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC19140

Vessel Name:

A follow-up to the successful Harbour Master, offering increased passenger space and amenity.


24m Catamaran Whale Watching Vessel

Design number: IC18145

Vessel Name: Spirit of Migaloo II

Australia's most advanced whale wathcing vessel, operating on Queensland's Gold Coast.


20m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC17224

Vessel Name: Wavelength 6

The latest in an evolving series of vessels for Wavelength cruises, Wavelength 6 brings even greater comfort and efficiency.


21m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC17050

Vessel Name: Island Explorer

A 21m Catamaran Passenger Ferry offering low fuel consumption for full and half day cruises throughout the Whitsunday Islands.


20m Catamaran Tour Vessel

Design number: IC15111

Vessel Name: Spirit of Loch Ness

A 20m catamaran ferry to ply the waters of Loch Ness in the search for Nessie, the famous Loch Ness Monster.


24m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC15062

Vessel Name: Te Maki

A passenger ferry operating in the iconic Bay of Islands in New Zealand.


33m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC15171

Vessel Name: Spirit of the Wild

An innovative new eco tour vessel designed to provide a world-class experience on Tasmania's World Heritage listed Macquarie Harbour. Layout and structure optimized for viewing experience, while electric motors provide silent operation on the Gordon River.


36m Monohull Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC14008

Vessel Name: Mary D Seven

A high-end tour vessel for Noumea operator that doubles as an evening cruise vessel.


35m Catamaran Tour Vessel

Design number: IC15038

Vessel Name: Harbour Master

Harbour Master is enjoying a new life with Rottnest Fast Ferries having undergone an extensive refit supported by Incat Crowther.


33m Catamaran Cruise and Dive Vessel

Design number: IC14194

Vessel Name: Evolution

Evolution sets the benchmark for customer experience on the Great Barrier Reef, blending motor yacht style with commercial vessel efficiency and ruggedness.


19m Catamaran Research Vessel

Design number: IC11048

Vessel Name: RV Spirit of the Sound

A ground-breaking research and classroom vessel operated by Norwalk Aquarium in the USA. This vessel features 2 separate classroom areas, touch tanks, and ADA accessibility. Hi-tech batteries, solar panels and a hybrid drivetrain combine to provide a quiet, efficient vessel.


24m Catamaran Whale Watching Vessel

Design number: IC11071

Vessel Name: Amaroo

Amaroo is the third vessel for Amaroo Cruises over a period of 34 years. A functional, simple, robust low-draft vessel offering exceptionally low running costs.


35m Monohull Dinner Cruise Vessel

Design number: ICO13051

Vessel Name: MV Epicure

A spectacular dinner cruise vessel featuring large glazing, bars on every deck, full-size commercial galley and bridal and green rooms.


26m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC12053

Vessel Name: Spirit of Queenstown

A low-impact ferry for operation by Southern Discoveries on New Zealand's South Island.


24m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC11022

Vessel Name: Freedom Sovereign

This is the third vessel in a line of new-generation rugged, efficient comfortable 24m passenger vessels.


24m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC1041

Vessel Name: Fantasea Sunrise

This vessel features modern styling and represents an exciting new generation of catamaran. Efficient operation and excellent seakeeping are hallmarks of this hull form.