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48m ShadowCat

Design number: IC21016

Vessel Name: ToyBox

A sub-500 GT ShadowCat concept that delivers the award-winning capability of Hodor and Wayfinder in a smaller more cost-effective platform.


24m Catamaran Motor Yacht

Design number: IC20126

Vessel Name: Elysium

A new design for a 24m motor yacht that fills the void between inflexible production vessels and high-end bespoke yacht builders


68m Shadow Cat

Design number: IC18059

Vessel Name: Wayfinder

The second vessel in the ShadowCat range.


68m ShadowCAT

Design number: IC20167

Vessel Name: Haven

A COVID-19 inspired ShadowCAT offering on-board medical and testing facilities and segregated safe zones.


48m Catamaran Motor Yacht

Design number: IC15189

Vessel Name: Magnet

A serious, rugged, purpose-built vessel capable of reaching remote, unspoiled destinations and staying for extended periods independently and comfortably, without reliance on a large crew.


66m Shadow Cat

Design number: IC16211

Vessel Name: Hodor

The first Incat Crowther 66 Shadow Cat - a support vessel offering unparalleled capability.


40m Catamaran Motor Yacht (1 vessel delivered, 1 under construction)

Design number: IC0803

Vessel Name:

A 40m super yacht. Naval architecture, marine and systems engineering and construction oversight by Incat Crowther. Exterior styling and interior design by Porsche Design. A new concept in super yacht design. 2 vessels under construction.


34m Catamaran Motor Yacht

Design number: IC11004

Vessel Name: Quaranta

An exciting motor yacht project bringing together a team of world leaders in the fields of marine design and engineering. Images courtesy Curvelle Yachts.


40m Catamaran Motor Yacht

Design number: IC0832

Vessel Name: Zenith

A 40m aluminium hulled motor yacht built to exceptional standards, exhibiting excellent range and seakeeping.


41m Catamaran Motor Yacht

Design number: CD608

Vessel Name: Seafaris

High-end super yacht, recipient of multiple awards including the “Australian Super Yacht Award” and “World Super Yacht of the Year”.


22m Wave Piercing Catamaran Motor Yacht

Design number: ID2445

Vessel Name: Haruku

An unusual but successful application of the wave piercer design developed by Incat Crowther.