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24m Long Range Patrol Vessel

Design number: IC16230

Vessel Name: Reef Resilience

A 24m long range patrol vessel to join Reef Ranger in monitoring and protecting the Great Barrier Reef.


17m Catamaran Work Boat (1 vessel under construction)

Design number: IC19045

Vessel Name:

An Incat Crowther 17 under construction for Marine Parks in Queensland, Australia.


19m Catamaran Fisheries Patrol Vessel

Design number: IC16108

Vessel Name: Lady Megan

A rugged, versatile catamaran fisheries patrol vessel operate by Welsh Government.


50m Multi-Mission Vessel

Design number: IC14157

Vessel Name: BRP Francisco Dagohoy, BRP Lapu-Lapu

A 50m multi-mission monohull patrol vessel to combat illegal fishing with the flexibility to lead in disaster relief and/or rescue operations, as well as to serve as a platform for research.


35m Offshore Security Vessel

Design number: IC14047

Vessel Name: M/V Hezekia, M/V Lady Dora

Two 35m offshore security patrol vessels. The vessels are classed by Bureau Veritas (BV) and were constructed by Veecraft Marine in Cape Town, South Africa for an undisclosed client in Lagos, Nigeria.


24m Catamaran Patrol Boat

Design number: IC12055

Vessel Name: Ratayapibanbancha, Arcarachwaratorn

A pair of versatile, efficient and robust patrol boats operated by the Royal Thai Police.


30m Monohull Landing Craft

Design number: ICO13056

Vessel Name: Voea Late

The Voea Late represents a modern take on a classic military design. Perfect for operation in areas with minimal shore side infrastructure.


24m Catamaran Patrol Boat

Design number: IC11019

Vessel Name: Reef Ranger

Environmentally-friendly catamaran designed to patrol pristine coastal areas. Designed to have minimal impact on the environment it is protecting.