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  • IC18138
  • IC18138
  • IC18138
IC18138 IC18138 IC18138

This Incat Crowther 65 will provide a vital link between Pohang, on mainland Korea and the island of Ulleung-do, where it will be the second largest vessel on the route. It will be the first locally-built high-speed ferry on the route.

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Design No: IC18138
Vessel Name:
Platform: Catamaran
Length Overall: 64.5m
Length Measured:
Length Waterline: 62.1m
Beam: 14.0m
Beam Hull:
Draft Hull: 1.7m
Draft Skeg:
Draft Max:
Depth: 5.0m
Passengers: 710
Special Personnel:
Crew: 12
Deck Area:
Deck Cargo:
Fuel: 30 000 litres
Fuel (Day Tanks):
Fuel (Delivery Tanks):
Fresh Water: 5 000 litres
Grey Water:
Sullage: 3 000 litres
Black Water:
Fuel (cargo):
Fresh Water (cargo):
Oil Dispersant:
Rig Water:
Loaded Displacement:
Service Speed: 40 knots
Maximum Speed: 47 knots
Main Engines: 4 x Diesel engines (TBC)
Generators (Prime):
Installed Power: 4 x 3700kW @ 1900rpm
Hybrid System:
Propulsion: 4 x Rolls Royce Kamewa S80-4
Generators (Emergency):
Solar Panels:
Dynamic Positioning:
Bow Thrusters:
Ride Control System:
Crew Transfer System:
Construction Material: Marine grade aluminium
Flag: Republic of Korea
Class: +KRS0 Passenger Ship Catamaran (HSLCSA2) +KRM0 UMA