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27m Catamaran Wind Farm Service Vessel

Design number: IC18192

Vessel Name: Valkyrie, Wotan

The WINDFLEX-27 offers excellent speed, deadweight and seakeeping, making them capable of many roles in the Offshore Wind industry.





35m Catamaran CTV (2 vessels under construction)

Design number: IC19139

Vessel Name:

A pair of environmentally friendly CTVs under construction for operation in the Hornsea Project 2 wind farm.


14m Monohull Landing Craft

Design number: IC15186

Vessel Name: Terror

A highly-capable landing craft to support RRS Sir David Attenborough.


17m Catamaran Work Boat (1 vessel under construction)

Design number: IC19045

Vessel Name:

An Incat Crowther 17 under construction for Marine Parks in Queensland, Australia.


20m Catamaran Crew Transfer Vessel

Design number: IC17078

Vessel Name: Ardea

A small catamaran crew transfer vessel with proven speed, robustness and seakeeping capabilities beyond its size.


19m Catamaran Research Vessel

Design number: IC15178

Vessel Name: Captain Ben Moore

A hybrid propulsion Incat Crowther 19 built to serve produce company Harbor Harvest. The vessel delivers farm-to-table produce, eliminating lengthy truck


39m Catamaran Multi Purpose Crew Transfer Vessel

Design number: IC16091

Vessel Name: MHO Gurli, MHO Esbjerg

The largest Wind Farm Support Vessels to enter service to date anywhere in the world.


24m Catamaran Ro-Pax Ferry

Design number: IC16102

Vessel Name: Aurora

A 24m Catamaran Ro-Pax Ferry with a capacity for 100 passengers. The vessel can receive vehicles and cargo on the rear deck by a deck crane or via a dockside ramp. 


25m Monohull Crewboat

Design number: IC18001

Vessel Name: Summit PSA 5

This monohull crewboat provides transport for personnel and light cargo to and from a floating storage regasification unit (FSRU).


26m Catamaran Research Vessel

Design number: IC17055

Vessel Name: Pakarang

A 25m scientific research vessel operating in Thailand.


40m Monohull Crewboat

Design number: IC14013

Vessel Name: Express Alpha, Express Bravo

A 40m version of Incat Crowther's successful monohull crewboat series.


50m Multi-Mission Vessel

Design number: IC14157

Vessel Name: BRP Francisco Dagohoy, BRP Lapu-Lapu

A 50m multi-mission monohull patrol vessel to combat illegal fishing with the flexibility to lead in disaster relief and/or rescue operations, as well as to serve as a platform for research.


18m Catamaran Dive Support Vessel

Design number: IC16222

Vessel Name: Stapem Beluga, Stapem Narval

An 18m Catamaran Dive Support Vessel customized for offshore dive operations.


57m Catamaran Workboat

Design number: ICO13009

Vessel Name: Seacor Puma, Seacor Panther

The latest in Seacor Marine's highly successful CrewZer Class of offshore vessel, offering exceptional efficiency, comfort and operational flexibility.


59m Fast Crew Supply Vessel (3 vessels in service, 1 under construction)

Design number: IC15007

Vessel Name: Liam McCall, Liam J McCall, Libby L McCall

A fleet of 59m hard working rugged Fast Supply Vessels to operate in USA.

3 vessels in service, 1 under construction.


20m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC15109

Vessel Name: Confidence 1, Confidence 2, Confidence 3, Confidence 4

A fleet of vessels serving a natural gas plant in Nigeria, offering a combination of efficient hulls, rugged construction and simple layout.


43m Monohull Dive Support Vessel

Design number: IC14011

Vessel Name: Oceanicasub IV, Oceanicasub V

A 43m Dive Support Vessel featuring a wide array of dive support equipment including a deck crane, ROV A-Frame, dive bell frame, and a hyperbaric chamber. 


18m Catamaran Research Vessel

Design number: IC14044

Vessel Name: Sentinel

A rugged and utilitarian vessel with an efficient design optimizing the use of the catamaran platform.


57m Catamaran Crewboat

Design number: ICO13092

Vessel Name: Pacific Kestrel

A fast, efficient crew transfer vessel that acts as cost efficient alternative to aviation transport.


22m Monohull Crewboat

Design number: IC15131

Vessel Name: Veronica, Esmeralda

A 22.5m rugged Monohull Crewboat Ferry for Astinave.


70m Catamaran Fast Crewboat

Design number: IC15064

Vessel Name: Rashid Behbudov

A sister ship to the successful Muslim Magomayev.


63m Monohull Crew Supply Vessel (2 vessels in service, 2 vessels under construction)

Design number: ICA13041

Vessel Name: Alya McCall, Najla McCall

Superior speed and performance in delivering crew and supplies to the offshore industry.

2 vessels in service, 2 vessels under construction.



48m Monohull Fast Supply Vessel (2 vessels in service, 4 under construction)

Design number: ICA1230

Vessel Name: BS Iporanga, BS Ubatuba

6 fast monohull designed to the Petrobras UT4000 specification.


62.5m Monohull Fast Supply Vessel (1 vessel in service, 1 under construction)

Design number: IC14081

Vessel Name: Glenn Autry

Superior performance in delivering crew and supplies to the offshore industry. 1 vessel in service, 1 under construction.


42m Monohull Utility Vessel

Design number: IC15077

Vessel Name: Rapido Gee

A low capital cost version of the ten-vessel PTAS design operating in the Middle East.


30m Monohull Landing Craft

Design number: ICO13056

Vessel Name: Voea Late

The Voea Late represents a modern take on a classic military design. Perfect for operation in areas with minimal shore side infrastructure.


62.5m Monohull Crew Supply Vessel

Design number: ICA1235

Vessel Name: Lady Tierney

Superior performance in delivering crew and supplies to the offshore industry.


30m Wave Piercing Catamaran Utility Craft

Design number: IC12069

Vessel Name: Benreoch

A 30m Wave Piercing Catamaran Crewboat built by Veecraft Marine, South Africa for the Nigerian oil fields.


19m Catamaran Research Vessel

Design number: IC11048

Vessel Name: RV Spirit of the Sound

A ground-breaking research and classroom vessel operated by Norwalk Aquarium in the USA. This vessel features 2 separate classroom areas, touch tanks, and ADA accessibility. Hi-tech batteries, solar panels and a hybrid drivetrain combine to provide a quiet, efficient vessel.


36m Monohull Fast Supply Vessel

Design number: ICA1226

Vessel Name: BS Camburi

A fast monohull designed to the Petrobras P2 specification.


56m Catamaran Dive Support Vessel

Design number: IC10104

Vessel Name: Bhagwan Dryden

Bhagwan Dryden is a modern, high-tech vessel which is a first-of-type fully integrated catamaran Dive Support Vessel. She features multiple power generation units coupled to an advanced control system to allocate power to azimuthing propulsors and deck equipment.


42.5m Monohull Dive Support Vessel

Design number: ICA13019

Vessel Name: Sistac Victoria

A purpose-built monohull dive support vessel with fully integrated dive systems.


70m Catamaran Fast Crewboat

Design number: IC12088

Vessel Name: Muslim Magomayev

The Muslim Magomayev fast crew boat (FCB) is the world's biggest high-speed crew catamaran vessel, built primarily to carry crew to multiple offshore installations.

Muslim Magomayev is made of lightweight, marine-grade aluminium, and fitted with an advanced Semi-SWATH hull form combined with a resiliently mounted main cabin. The boat also incorporates an active ride control system consisting of T-Foil, interceptors and yaw stabilisers.


24m Catamaran Patrol Boat

Design number: IC11019

Vessel Name: Reef Ranger

Environmentally-friendly catamaran designed to patrol pristine coastal areas. Designed to have minimal impact on the environment it is protecting.


48m Monohull FSV

Design number: ICA1108

Vessel Name: Baru Gorgona, Baru Mucura, Baru Providencia, Baru Antares, Baru Atria, Baru Serrana, Baru Tesoro, Baru Sirius, Baru Sinu, Baru Orion, Baru Taurus, Baru Vega

A fleet of hard working rugged Fast Supply Vessels to operate in Brazil.


62.5m Monohull Crew Supply Vessel

Design number: ICA1212

Vessel Name: John Jacob

A modern and fuel-efficient design meeting the latest demands of crew supply vessels in the Gulf of Mexico, whilst maintaining continuity with existing fleet operational features.


20m Monohull Crewboat

Design number: ICA1146

Vessel Name: Magen Defender, Masud Defender

A monohull crewboat with versatile forward cargo deck and bulletproof pilot house.


42m Monohull Infield Utility Vessel

Design number: ICA1252

Vessel Name: PTAS Amanah 1, PTAS Amanah 2, PTAS Amanah 3, PTAS Amanah 4, PTAS Amanah 5, PTAS Amanah 6, PTAS Amanah 7, PTAS Amanah 8, PTAS Amanah 9, PTAS Amanah 10

A series of Monohull Infield Utility Vessels operating in the oil fields in Brunei. Exceptional performance and comfort.


45m Monohull Crewboat

Design number: ICA1008

Vessel Name: BS Camboriu, BS Maresias, BS Geribá

A 45m fast crewboat for oil field crew transfers.

ICA1125, ICA13029

36m Monohull Crewboat

Design number: ICA1125, ICA13029

Vessel Name: Swissco Puma, Swissco Cheetah, Swissco Spring, Swissco Leopard, Swissco Jaguar, Swissco Panther

The first of this type of vessel built by Cheoy Lee, Swissco Cheetah is the latest in a long line of collaborative efforts between builder and designer, including a large number of successful aluminium and composite passenger vessels.


58m Catamaran Workboat

Design number: IC11008

Vessel Name: SEACOR Lynx, SEACOR Leopard

These 58m Catamaran Workboats for SEACOR Marine are the World's first DP3 classed Crewboats.


19.5m Catamaran Wind Farm Service Craft

Design number: IC11042

Vessel Name: Sure Pride, Sure Progress, Sure Partner, Sure Pilgrim

A fleet of Catamaran Service Craft offering exceptional stability and efficiency.


18m Catamaran Wind Farm Service Craft

Design number: IC11060

Vessel Name: ASP Tyne, ASP Thames

A pair of Wind Farm Service Craft with excellent efficiency and seakeeping. Vessels feature rugged, replaceable bow fendering system for safe and reliable transfer of personnel to turbines.


35m Catamaran Utility Vessel

Design number: IC1087

Vessel Name: Outer Limit

A third vessel for a repeat customer. Vessel developed in conjunction with builder and operator, benefitting from experience of Unlimited and Limitless.


24m Catamaran Scientific Research Vessel

Design number: IC1023

Vessel Name: Vėjūnas

24m Catamaran Scientific Research Vessel for operation in the Baltic Sea. Rugged, efficient platform suitable for a multitude of exploration uses.


18m Catamaran Coastal Survey Vessel

Design number: IC0830

Vessel Name: Humber Guardian, Mersey Guardian, Severn Guardian, Solent Guardian

18m Survey vessel with on board accommodation and laboratory space. Excellent efficiency and seakeeping.


27.6m Wave Piercing Catamaran Overnight Crewboat

Design number: IC1062

Vessel Name: Topaz Zephyr

A variant of our pioneering 27.6m WPC crew boat optimized for 24 hour use.


30m Monohull Crewboat

Design number: ICA1012

Vessel Name: Perez, Deborah

A simple and robust fast crewboat for oil field crew transfers.


20m Monohull Crewboat

Design number: ICA1025

Vessel Name: Ahuva

A monohull with large foredeck and bow loading designed for use as a crewboat in the offshore energy sector. Video courtesy Veecraft Marine.


27.6m Wave Piercing Catamaran Crewboat

Design number: IC1005

Vessel Name: Topaz Zenith

A new interpretation of the Wave Piercer concept for use in offshore energy installations. Highly functional, stable, safe and efficient platform.


17.5m Catamaran Windfarm Service Vessel

Design number: IC0967

Vessel Name: Santa Ana, Scirocco, Chinook

A new class of compact, efficient and seaworthy windfarm service craft.


36m Monohull Crewboat

Design number: ICA0901

Vessel Name: Siem Piata; Siem Pendotiba

Monohull crew boat for operation in Brazil. Large deadweight capacity, capable of carrying 30 000 litres cargo fuels and 30 000 litres cargo fresh water.


28m Catamaran Utility Vessel

Design number: IC1011

Vessel Name: Strait Shooter

A further refinement of Incat Crowther's pioneering utility Catamaran class, with additional features including low draft.


30m Catamaran Utility Vessel

Design number: IC12087

Vessel Name: Nordic Barakuda

A versatile catamaran utility vessel that will perform seismic and crew supply roles in South East Asia. 


29m Catamaran Utility Vessel

Design number: IC0922

Vessel Name: Limitless

29m Catamaran Utility Vessel for operation in Australian coastal waters. High payload, speed and 15 tonne bollard pull. Flexible uses such as chase boat, crew transfer, fast freight or interisland transport.


35m Monohull Crewboat

Design number: IC0728

Vessel Name: Khudaferin, Araz, Batabat, Gobustin, Giz Galasi

A 35m monohull crewboat. Steel construction and HSC code compliant.


27m Catamaran Workboat

Design number: IC0733

Vessel Name: John A. B. Dillard Jr

A 27m debris removal catamaran for US Army Corps of Engineers. High speed response and rough water capable.


50m Catamaran Crewboat

Design number: IC0618

Vessel Name: Seacor Cougar, Seacor Cheetah

A revolutionary crew vessel capable of speeds in excess of 40 knots. Replaces heli transfer or multiple vessel operations due to its high speed, reliability and sea keeping. DP2 capability with DP weather envelope superior to any other vessel in this size range. Vessels deployed Angola and Azerbaijan with additional vessels under development.


24m Catamaran Workboat

Design number: IC0804

Vessel Name: Unlimited

A 24m catamaran work boat for operation in coastal waters. Proven in service in Australia’s rough Bass Strait field.


19m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC0745

Vessel Name: Mararoa

This 19m catamaran ferry carries a mix of passengers and freight to New Zealand's largest hydro-electric power station.


24m Catamaran Workboat

Design number: CD588

Vessel Name: LSC 1, LSC 2

24m Catamaran workboat with two units deployed by the US Navy Seals. High speed response to retrieve spent equipment.


22m Logistical Catamaran

Design number: CD611

Vessel Name: Pvt Sorenson, Pvt Anderson

This 22m passenger ferry is for logistical operations in remote areas. Four main engines provide maximum redundancy.


20m Catamaran Fisheries Patrol Boat

Design number: CD408E

Vessel Name: Camai II

A 20m catamaran patrol boat deployed by Alaska Fish and Game in the Bering Sea.


16m Monohull Crewboat

Design number: CD528

Vessel Name:

A small crew vessel for high speed short distance platform transport. Six units deployed in Asia and the Middle East.


35m Catamaran Airport Rescue Vessel

Design number: ID1941

Vessel Name: CBI, CBII

Two vessels deployed by the Hong Kong Marine department. Capable of a speed response to an airport related incident.


24m Catamaran Wind Farm Support Craft

Design number: IC11057

Vessel Name: MMS Crusader

A Wind Farm Service Vessel with a large, flexible forward cargo deck capable of carrying a 20 foot ISO container either transversely or longitudinally. Features operation-specific bolt-on bow appendage, which enhances operational flexibility.


24m Catamaran Multi-purpose Vessel

Design number: IC11054

Vessel Name: Dart Fisher

An exciting new Wind Farm Support Vessel unveiled by Supacat at the Seawork exhibition in Southampton. The new multi-purpose vessel offers unparalleled operational flexibility, comfort and safety.


20m Catamaran Buoy Workboat

Design number: ICO13091

Vessel Name: Kianda

A 20m shallow draft utility vessel designed to install and allowing servicing of buoy's with its specially designed A-frame crane.