Zero to A Million in 86 Days

NYC Ferry has moved one million passengers within three months of commencing operation.

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Workboats & Offshore

Having delivered the world’s largest and fastest catamaran and monohull crewboats, Incat Crowther has demonstrated innovation in the offshore industry. Incat Crowther workboats are rugged, practical and capable.

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Leisure Vessels

Incat Crowther designed yachts have recieved multiple awards globally, including Superyacht of the Year.

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Passenger Vessels

With more catamaran passenger vessels in service globally than any other designer, Incat Crowther’s passenger vessels deliver ultra-low fuel consumption, low wash, high speeds and capacities and are efficient to construct.

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Defense and Security

Leveraging our unrivalled experience in high speed offshore vessels, Incat Crowther provides consulting and design services to the defense and security industries.

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Come and meet us at Interferry

Come and see us at Interferry in Croatia.

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