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17m Catamaran Work Boat (1 vessel under construction)

Design number: IC19045

Vessel Name:

An Incat Crowther 17 under construction for Marine Parks in Queensland, Australia.


19m Catamaran Fisheries Patrol Vessel

Design number: IC16108

Vessel Name: Lady Megan

A rugged, versatile catamaran fisheries patrol vessel operate by Welsh Government.


50m Multi-Mission Vessel

Design number: IC14157

Vessel Name: BRP Francisco Dagohoy, BRP Lapu-Lapu

A 50m multi-mission monohull patrol vessel to combat illegal fishing with the flexibility to lead in disaster relief and/or rescue operations, as well as to serve as a platform for research.


24m Catamaran Patrol Boat

Design number: IC12055

Vessel Name: Ratayapibanbancha, Arcarachwaratorn

A pair of versatile, efficient and robust patrol boats operated by the Royal Thai Police.


30m Monohull Landing Craft

Design number: ICO13056

Vessel Name: Voea Late

The Voea Late represents a modern take on a classic military design. Perfect for operation in areas with minimal shore side infrastructure.


24m Catamaran Patrol Boat

Design number: IC11019

Vessel Name: Reef Ranger

Environmentally-friendly catamaran designed to patrol pristine coastal areas. Designed to have minimal impact on the environment it is protecting.


30m Monohull Patrol Vessel

Design number: IC0838

Vessel Name:

A 30m fast patrol vessel with a sprint speed of 40 knots.


25m Monohull Patrol Boat

Design number: IC1077

Vessel Name:

A 25m Monohull Patrol Boat with waterjet propulsion and excellent performance.