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27m Catamaran Wind Farm Service Vessel

Design number: IC18192

Vessel Name: Valkyrie, Wotan

The WINDFLEX-27 offers excellent speed, deadweight and seakeeping, making them capable of many roles in the Offshore Wind industry.





35m Catamaran CTV (2 vessels under construction)

Design number: IC19139

Vessel Name:

A pair of environmentally friendly CTVs under construction for operation in the Hornsea Project 2 wind farm.


39m Catamaran Multi Purpose Crew Transfer Vessel

Design number: IC16091

Vessel Name: MHO Gurli, MHO Esbjerg

The largest Wind Farm Support Vessels to enter service to date anywhere in the world.


19.5m Catamaran Wind Farm Service Craft

Design number: IC11042

Vessel Name: Sure Pride, Sure Progress, Sure Partner, Sure Pilgrim

A fleet of Catamaran Service Craft offering exceptional stability and efficiency.


18m Catamaran Wind Farm Service Craft

Design number: IC11060

Vessel Name: ASP Tyne, ASP Thames

A pair of Wind Farm Service Craft with excellent efficiency and seakeeping. Vessels feature rugged, replaceable bow fendering system for safe and reliable transfer of personnel to turbines.


35m Catamaran Utility Vessel

Design number: IC1087

Vessel Name: Outer Limit

A third vessel for a repeat customer. Vessel developed in conjunction with builder and operator, benefitting from experience of Unlimited and Limitless.


27.6m Wave Piercing Catamaran Overnight Crewboat

Design number: IC1062

Vessel Name: Topaz Zephyr

A variant of our pioneering 27.6m WPC crew boat optimized for 24 hour use.


27.6m Wave Piercing Catamaran Crewboat

Design number: IC1005

Vessel Name: Topaz Zenith

A new interpretation of the Wave Piercer concept for use in offshore energy installations. Highly functional, stable, safe and efficient platform.


17.5m Catamaran Windfarm Service Vessel

Design number: IC0967

Vessel Name: Santa Ana, Scirocco, Chinook

A new class of compact, efficient and seaworthy windfarm service craft.


29m Catamaran Utility Vessel

Design number: IC0922

Vessel Name: Limitless

29m Catamaran Utility Vessel for operation in Australian coastal waters. High payload, speed and 15 tonne bollard pull. Flexible uses such as chase boat, crew transfer, fast freight or interisland transport.


24m Catamaran Wind Farm Support Craft

Design number: IC11057

Vessel Name: MMS Crusader

A Wind Farm Service Vessel with a large, flexible forward cargo deck capable of carrying a 20 foot ISO container either transversely or longitudinally. Features operation-specific bolt-on bow appendage, which enhances operational flexibility.


24m Catamaran Multi-purpose Vessel

Design number: IC11054

Vessel Name: Dart Fisher

An exciting new Wind Farm Support Vessel unveiled by Supacat at the Seawork exhibition in Southampton. The new multi-purpose vessel offers unparalleled operational flexibility, comfort and safety.