Incat Crowther is proud of its broad client base. Over decades of servicing the marine industry, Incat Crowther has continually developed and evolved its products to keep our clients at the top of their game.

With over 400 of our vessels in operation, Incat Crowther stands by to support our clients in whatever their operation requires.

As time goes by and technology continues to move on, Incat Crowther's vessels continue to be operated successfully. However, over time, components can tire and become unreliable, and new features and technologies become available. Combined with the continual evolution of newly built vessels, this can put pressure on operations to adapt to a changing business environment.

Typical options available to operators include re-powering, structural modifications and passenger number increases. In all cases, Incat Crowther can perform evaluation studies, produce deliverables such as engineering drawings and provide documentation for certification, such as revised stability books.

In most cases, services such as these allow Incat Crowther's vessels to continue into the future in an efficient and profitable manner, offering a favourable alternative to new building.