32m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC17125

Vessel Name: Mar de Cies

An Incat Crowther 32 operating in Spain that demonstrates the benefit of bespoke design.

39m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC17062

Vessel Name: Twin City Liner

A low wash ferry custom designed for specific operational conditions for commuter and tourist service between Vienna and Bratislava.

45m Catamaran Passenger Ferry (1 vessel in service, 1 under construction)

Design number: IC15087

Vessel Name: Seastreak Commodore

The highest capacity k-class boat operating in the USA.

33m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC15171

Vessel Name: Spirit of the Wild

An innovative new eco tour vessel designed to provide a world-class experience on Tasmania's World Heritage listed Macquarie Harbour. Layout and structure optimized for viewing experience, while electric motors provide silent operation on the Gordon River.

33m Catamaran Cruise and Dive Vessel

Design number: IC14194

Vessel Name: Evolution

Evolution sets the benchmark for customer experience on the Great Barrier Reef, blending motor yacht style with commercial vessel efficiency and ruggedness.

19m Catamaran Research Vessel

Design number: IC11048

Vessel Name: RV Spirit of the Sound

A ground-breaking research and classroom vessel operated by Norwalk Aquarium in the USA. This vessel features 2 separate classroom areas, touch tanks, and ADA accessibility. Hi-tech batteries, solar panels and a hybrid drivetrain combine to provide a quiet, efficient vessel.

34m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC0735

Vessel Name: Ava Pearl

A 34m Catamaran Passenger Ferry operating in New England, USA.

24m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC11022

Vessel Name: Freedom Sovereign

This is the third vessel in a line of new-generation rugged, efficient comfortable 24m passenger vessels.

24m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC1042

Vessel Name: Riverside Avalon

A 24m Catamaran Ferry designed to support construction of a LNG plant in Queensland. Part of a 3 vessel fleet configured to optimize operational flexibility.

35m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC1061

Vessel Name: Kilimanjaro III

A high-capacity 35m Catamaran ferry designed to take full advantage of a successful offshore route in Africa. This is the third vessel for the operator, following on from the success of Kilimanjaro I and Kilimanjaro II.

24m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC1041

Vessel Name: Fantasea Sunrise

This vessel features modern styling and represents an exciting new generation of catamaran. Efficient operation and excellent seakeeping are hallmarks of this hull form.

26m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC0815

Vessel Name: Cat Cocos Isle of La Digue

A small, efficient 200 + passenger ferry for operation in the Seychelles. Repeat order from another happy client.

37m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC0712

Vessel Name: Kilimanjaro I & Kilimanjaro II

A medium speed passenger ferry with simple systems and machinery for low maintenance requirements. Two units operating in Tanzania.

32m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: IC0718

Vessel Name: Premium Dream

A vessel operating in Japan. Incat Crowther's unique structural design allowed a low deck to meet existing dock, whilst maintaining a high tunnel clearance for good seakeeping.

36m Catamaran Tour Vessel

Design number: IC0706

Vessel Name: MV Eagle

A very successful three-deck cruise vessel for eco tours in Tasmania's south west wilderness area. On January 27 2012, this vessel pulled 145 water skiers, helping Horsehead Water Ski Club extend their world record!

22m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Design number: CD672

Vessel Name: Peppermint Bay II

The vessel Peppermint Bay II operates a combined commuter and cruise service around Peppermint Bay, Tasmania.

31m Catamaran Sight Seeing Vessel

Design number: CD603

Vessel Name: Patea Explorer

A very effective sightseeing vessel operating in the remote waters of Doubtful Sound, New Zealand. Special attention was required to account for adverse weather and the remote location of the vessel.

32m Catamaran Luxury Cruise Vessel

Design number: CD641

Vessel Name: Discovery

A cost effective solution to the mini cruise market. Twelve large double cabins, large hydraulic tender / dive platform and two weeks autonomy.

32m Catamaran Tour Vessel

Design number: CD596

Vessel Name: Lady Jane Franklin II

A 32m cruise vessel with an innovative design. Large glass atrium, varied and offset seating and interesting interior design provide a high-end cruise experience.

58m Catamaran Vehicle and Passenger Ferry

Design number: ID2570

Vessel Name: Micat

A 58m medium-speed passenger and vehicle ferry capable of carrying 413 passengers and 49 4WD vehicles. Capable of beach landing. Steel hull with aluminium superstructure. This vessel features very low fuel consumption.

28m Catamaran Tour Vessel

Design number: CD566

Vessel Name: Adventurer

A 28m excursion catamaran for use on the World Heritage listed Gordon River.

37m Wave Piercing Catamaran Ferry

Design number: ID0950

Vessel Name: Quicksilver V, Quicksilver VI, Quicksilver VII

37m wave piercing catamaran ferries operating on the Great Barrier Reef, QLD, Australia.