The design, construction and implementation of a new vessel are parts of a project journey influenced by many factors.  Constant evolution and improvement in Incat Crowther’s process ensures that all projects are fully validated in their preliminary stages with review against historical pitfalls and benchmarked against detailed operational objectives.  The process ensures all Incat Crowther vessels are optimized, with the success of the process confirmed by our high client retention rate.

From concept to delivery, each project is assigned a dedicated project manager, accountable to the client and adhering to our internal process, where the entire project follows a comprehensive, proven quality process, a process developed from the design of hundreds of vessels with decades of design experience.

Key benefits: 

  • Technical and regulatory risks identified early and mitigated prior to production
  • Optimised vessel solution which performs to expectation
  • Zero construction re-work
  • Efficient, cost-effective construction
  • Maximum return on investment