Second Incat Crowther 70m Walk-to-Work Fast Crew Boat Delivered

  • Second Incat Crowther 70m Walk-to-Work Fast Crew Boat Delivered
16 Sep 2016

Incat Crowther is pleased to announce the delivery of Rashid Behbudov. Built by Austal Ships, Rashid Behbudov is a sistership to the Muslim Magomeyev and the second Incat Crowther 70m Catamaran Fast Crew Boat for Caspian Marine Services. 

Muslim Magomayev, the first of this design developed by Incat Crowther, was built by Incat Tasmania and delivered to CMS in 2014. Incat Crowther’s proven process of working closely with operators to provide customised solutions has resulted in a vessel design that incorporates the highest level of safety and reliability, whilst meeting key performance indicators.

Both Muslim Magomayev and Rashid Behbudov are engineered for the Ampelmann walk-to-work system. In the case of Muslim Magomayev, the system has performed well, transferring crew to offshore platforms both in day-to-day operation as well as in emergency situations.

In both vessels, the support systems for the gangway have been integrated into the hull, maximising clear deck space around the gangway. The vessels are fitted with a continuous access slideway, allowing 150 passengers to walk directly from the main cabin, via the transfer deck, to the offshore platform. Ampelmann offers a proven and safe gangway system with over 2.5 million walk to work transfers worldwide with over 50 units in operation. Passengers’ baggage, stowed in 10-foot containers, is transferred to the platform by crane.

The Ampelmann system is one of several heave-compensated gangway systems available to operators. Integrating these systems in a holistic design solution improves safety, uptime and turnaround time. The systems have proven competitive against alternatives such as bow loading, crane lifted baskets, swing ropes and even helicopters.

Designed to specifically comply with the challenges of the operational region, Muslim Magomayev and Rashid Behbudov operate in the Caspian Sea with 97% uptime.

In addition to personnel transfer, comfort is a priority of the design, featuring business class seats, accessible through wide companionways. There are two private rooms are included for meetings or VIPs. Snacks are available from vending machines and onboard entertainment includes wifi and audio/visual entertainment. Utilizing a resiliently-mounted cabin, the vessel complies with comfort class for noise, vibration, indoor climate and vessel motions. The master can monitor vessel motions and avoid sea sickness with live acceleration measurements and motion sickness prediction displayed in the wheelhouse. 

Rashid Behbudov retains Muslim Magomayev’s cornerstone flexibility, with 275sqm of cargo deck space, 130 ton cargo capacity and a range of 400 miles. The vessel holds station using dynamic positioning (DNV DYNPOS-AUTR). The vessel is compliant with the IMO HSC code, is DP2 classed and provides a very stable platform for crew transfers at sea.

Incat Crowther have existing monohull and catamaran solutions from 20m up to 70m with various speed, cargo, passenger and offshore transfer particulars.In customising for particular operations, multi-role capabilities can be incorporated including; survey, moon pool and line handling, search and rescue, oil spill dispersant, fire fighting and self-protection, towing, helicopter pickup, onboard workshop, refrigerated storage, dive operations and dangerous goods transport.


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